Monthly Competition

At each monthly meeting we hold a competition for best Flower (Sorrell Trophy) and best Fruit/Vegetable (Cole Cup) exhibits. Paid-up members can submit one entry into each competition section and the membership in attendance blind vote for what they consider is the best entry in each section. At the end of the meeting the votes are totalled and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is announced with points being awarded for each. At the AGM the points from each months competition are totalled up and an overall winner for each competition section is announced, with a trophy being awarded for each section.

The Rules

  • Only fully paid-up members may enter exhibits into the competition.
  • Only ONE entry per section is allowed from an individual.
  • Entries are to be from the member’s own garden or allotment and this may include greenhouse and houseplants.
  • Members in attendance may cast one vote in each section.
  • The factors considered are entirely at the discretion of each member when casting their vote.
  • Points are awarded thus:
       1st place = 4 points  (joint 1st = 3.5 points each)
       2nd place = 3 points  (joint 2nd = 2.5 points each)
       3rd place = 2 points  (joint 3rd = 1.5 points each)
       Entry = 1 point
  • Each trophy is won by the person with the most points in that competition section at the end of the year.
  • Flower section - Exhibits must be up to three stems of the same variety.
  • Fruit/Vegetables section - Exhibits must be up to three examples of one variety or up to ten berries of one variety.
  • Extra foliage may be added to enhance your exhibit in either section.
  • In the event that there is a tie or a dispute, the Chairman's decision is final.

Club Constitution

1. Name of the Club

The name of the Club shall be Medstead Gardeners’ Club.

2. Objective of the Club

The objective of the Club shall be to provide opportunities for the members to exchange and obtain information on all aspects of gardening by lectures, demonstrations, discussions, visits to places of interest and to offer trading facilities to members.

3. Membership

Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in gardening. The Committee may, from time to time, confer honorary membership on individuals considered worthy of special recognition by the Club.

4. Conduct of the Club’s affairs

The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee comprising the Officers of the Club and up to six other members. This Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees comprising members of the Committee and/or other members of the Club to perform specific tasks.

5. Election of Officers

The members shall at the Annual General Meeting elect by show of hands a Chairman and no fewer than five and no more than nine Committee members. The other Officers of the Club, namely Secretary, Treasurer and Programme Secretary shall be elected by and from the Committee members. No officer may hold the same office for more than three consecutive years, unless exceptional circumstances arise. In such circumstances an officer may serve for one further year.

6. Appointment of Vice Chairman of the Committee

The Committee may appoint one of its number as Vice Chairman.

7. Absence of Chairman

Meetings of the Committee shall be chaired by the Chairman of the Club. In the event that the Chairman is absent at any meeting of the Committee, the Vice Chairman shall take the chair. In the event that that neither the Chairman nor Vice Chairman is able to attend a meeting, the Committee members present shall elect one of their number to take the chair for that meeting.

8. Co-opted members

The Committee may co-opt members to serve as full Committee members to fill vacancies on the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.

9. Committee Meetings

The Committee shall meet at times and places agreed by the Committee members. No matters of policy shall be agreed at a Committee meeting unless a quorum of five members is present. In the absence of a quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned to a day, time and place decided by the members present.

10. Ordinary meetings of the Club

No matters of policy shall be agreed at an ordinary meeting of the Club. A programme for ordinary meetings of the Club for the forthcoming calendar year shall be proposed by the Committee and advised to members at the AGM. In the event that changes to that programme are necessary, the Secretary shall take all reasonable steps to advise members of those changes.

11. Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held within three months of the date of the financial year end for the purpose of:

  • Approving the Committee’s Annual Report on the work of the Club during the preceding financial year
  • Electing a Chairman and Committee members for the forthcoming year
  • Approving the financial statement signed by an Auditor
  • Approving the annual subscription for the forthcoming year
  • Electing an Auditor for the forthcoming year
  • Receiving the Committee’s proposal for ordinary meetings for the forthcoming year
  • Considering any motion which has been notified to the Secretary of the Club at least five weeks prior to the date of the AGM. The Secretary shall notify members of any such motion not later than 14 days prior to the date of the AGM
  • Noting any other matters for consideration by the Committee

12. Extraordinary General Meeting

The Committee has the power to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club at any time and must do so within 28 calendar days of receiving a written request signed by 15 members. Notice in writing must be sent to all members not fewer than 14 calendar days before such a meeting, informing them of the date, time, venue and purpose of the meeting. No business other than that detailed in the notice shall be transacted at an EGM.

13. Chairman of an Ordinary, Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting

The Chairman of the Club or, in his/her absence, the Vice Chairman of the Committee, shall act as Chairman at any ordinary, Annual or Extraordinary General meeting of the Club. In the event of none of these being available the Committee members present shall elect one of their number to chair the meeting.

14. Communications

Notices and any other communications to members may be delivered by hand at a Club meeting, by e-mail where a member has advised an e-mail address, or by hand or post to a member’s last known address. Any such delivery is deemed to have been made when the Club’s Officer completes the despatch. Notices and other communications will in general be sent as a single copy where members share the same address, unless otherwise requested.

15. Entitlement to Vote

Only members whose subscription is fully paid or those holding honorary membership of the Club shall be entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting or Committee Meeting.

16. Method of Voting

Voting at all meetings shall be by a show of hands unless the Chairman directs that a secret ballot be taken. All matters shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and voting.

17. Chairman’s Casting Vote

The Chairman of an Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting or any meeting of the Committee may not participate in the initial voting at any meeting but, in the event of a tie, shall have a casting vote.

18. Subscription

The annual subscription for each “membership period” shall be decided by the Committee and notified to all members at least 14 calendar days in advance of the Annual General Meeting for approval by the members at the AGM. Annual subscriptions shall be payable in advance for the membership period following the Annual General Meeting. Any member whose subscription remains unpaid after the due date shall cease to be a member of the Club from that date.

19. The Club’s Funds

All subscriptions and other moneys received by the Club shall be passed to the Treasurer, who shall be responsible for all of the Society’s funds, for keeping accounting records thereof and presenting the accounts for audit at the end of the financial year. The funds of the Club shall be used solely to further the objectives of the Club and only in amounts and for purposes approved by the Committee. Any proposed expenditure in excess of £150.00 shall be referred to an ordinary meeting of members for approval.

20. Appointment of an Auditor

An Auditor shall be elected at every Annual General Meeting to serve until the end of the next Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election. No Committee Member shall be eligible to act as Auditor.

21. Financial Year

The Club’s financial year shall end on 30th September.

22. Alteration of Constitution

This constitution may only be altered at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting and then only if notice of the proposed amendment has been notified to all members not fewer than 14 calendar days before the meeting.

23. Winding-up the Club

A decision to wind-up the Club shall only be taken at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. There must be a majority vote in favour of the proposal to wind-up the Club by those attending the meeting. In the event that the decision to wind-up the Club is agreed, the meeting shall then go on to appoint a Committee of not fewer than three and not more than seven individuals to oversee the disposal of the Club’s assets. The meeting shall give a clear indication to that Committee of the use to which any remaining funds should be put. The Committee appointed to oversee the disposal of the Club’s assets shall abide as closely as possible to the wishes expressed at the meeting which appointed it.

24. Other Matters

Any matters for which provision is not made in this constitution shall be decided by the Committee at its discretion and shall be reported to the next Annual General Meeting for endorsement or further direction.

Adopted: 4 December 2012