Medstead Gardeners' Club
Medstead Gardeners' Club

January - No meeting

Tuesday 6th February - Garden Design by Geoff Hawkins (
Unfortunately Geoff has had to cancel at the last minute, so three of the committee members will demonstrate on 'How to grow from seed, cuttings and division'.

Tuesday 6th March - Spring Herbaceous Perennials by Rose Hardy (

Tuesday 3rd April - Pelargoniums by Roger Butler (

Saturday 14th April - Wisley Spring Visit (MEMBERS ONLY) (

Tuesday 1st May - Clematis by Marcus Dancer (

Saturday 12th May - Annual Plant Sale
Open from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Entrance 50p per person.

Tuesday 5th June - Silver & White in the Garden by Patricia Elkington

Tuesday 12th June - Evening visit to the gardens and roses at Gilbert White’s House in Selborne (

Saturday 7th July - The Summer Show
Entries from 8.45am to 10.15am. Open to the viewing public from 2.15pm. Refreshments available.

Saturday 14th July - Medstead Village Fete

Saturday 18th August - Annual Social - Venue TBC

Tuesday 4th September - Winning the battle against garden pests & diseases by Steve Bradley

Tuesday 2nd October - Birds in the garden by Steve Oakes

Tuesday 6th November - Planting trees and shrubs by Andrew McIndoe (

Tuesday 4th December - AGM and Xmas Supper (MEMBERS ONLY)

With thanks to the presenters, we are able to provide you with information and presentations shared with the club at some of our past events.